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About Gold Country

Gold Country Wrestling Officials Association was started in 1980.

Gold Country is an organization dedicated entirely to the sport of wrestling.  We have over 60 members with many years of experience at both the high school and college level.

Gold Country is organized to best serve all the needs of a school or conference.  Our Assignment Secretary will assist in scheduling matches and guaranteeing officials with the proper level of experience.

Requirements and Expectations of Members - 10/10/2007

* You must be registered with the MSHSL and in good standing

* All new members will join Gold Country as Associate Members and are assigned a mentor

* New members are Associate Members for 2 years and only work middle school, junior high, and JV matches

* To become a Full Member, the new official must complete the Mentor Program.  It includes informal mentoring and a formal evaluation.  See the details on Mentor Program.

* Dues are $75 for Associates and $125 for Full Members.

* Members should have a full official’s uniform per the rule book: stripped shirt or gray shirt with black pinstripes, black pants (not nylon jogging pants), black shoes, wrist bands, whistle and a Gold Country Jacket.

* Each member of Gold Country is and Independent Contractor.

* Gold Country does not guarantee assignments.   The purpose of Gold Country is to form an organization that improves wrestling officiating in the Twin City Area.  Assignments are made based on experience level of the official, availability of the official and location of the match.

* Gold Country has a board of directors.  These directors meet periodically to discuss organization issues and help manage the association.
A Head Official will be assigned to each tournament.  The Head Official will be the primary interface to the coaches and tournament directors.  He will address rule interpretations and work with the other tournament officials, including making any mat assignments.

All Officials should:

* Call the schools at the beginning of the week for the matches that you will referee that week.

* Find out the time, location, and any directions on getting to the school

* Be at the school at least 30 minutes prior to dual meets and tournaments, earlier if weigh-ins are being conducted by the official and 15 minutes prior to middle school and 9th grade matches

* Be professional in conducting your officiating business, you are a representative of Gold Country.

* If you have a conflict with a date, contact the Assignment Secretary for a replacement

* Attendance at Gold Country meetings are mandatory

Mentor Program:

* Rod Frost heads up the Gold Country Mentor Program.   He will assign a mentor to each new member of Gold Country.   These are the details of the Mentor Program:

* All new members will be assigned an experienced member as a Mentor

* Associate Members will be in that status for 2 years or less, depending on their progression as an official

* Associate Members should contact their Mentor to go together and officiate at least 3 times during the year.  It is recommended that they may also go with other Full Members.

* When possible, the Full Member should rove for the Associate during the JV and switch roles during the Varsity match.

* The Associate Member does not receive any pay for the officiating with their Mentor .

* The Mentor should talk to the Associate during the match and after the match to provide immediate feedback.

* The Mentor will provide formal feedback to the head of the Mentor Program via the Gold Country Mentoring Evaluation Form

* It is the Associate Member’s responsibility to go along with their Mentor .  It their schedules don’t match, they should contact the Head of the Mentoring Program and make arrangements to go out with another experienced official.

* At the end of the season, formal feedback will be provided to the Associate Member by the Head of the Mentoring Program.  The status of the Associate Member will be documented in a report.

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